At Big Gorilla Coffee, we have a passion for making the best tasting coffee in true artisan Big Gorilla Coffeetradition,lovingly selecting,hand roasting and packing our coffee here at origin using the very latest finest washed high grown washed Arabica coffees.Another element of Big Gorilla Coffee is in the promotion of conservation of Mountain Gorillas.

Collectively, we are a group of coffee lovers, who believe in producing quality, lovingly crafted coffee experiences. With the ability to connect people, build relationships and contribute to a better society, Big Gorilla coffee is the result of years of learned craftsmanship and a lot of hard work.

From sourcing, to selection, to roasting then packing we endeavour to ensure that we offer the market a product which showcases the best Uganda has to offer, whilst in return continuing to create awareness of the gorilla population of the country.

Roasted on our 35kg, Loring roaster, we aim to be an agent for future change. Collaborating with individuals along the supply chain to ensure deliciousness – furthermore, we are committed to bringing exceptional quality, positively fuelled coffee to the world.

Enjoy the great taste and aroma of Africa’s Freshest Coffee…….