Highest quality Arabica coffee’s hand roasted and packed at source direct from Uganda to you. Doesn’t get much Big Gorilla Coffee -Hand Roasted Coffee better than this. We use only the very best Arabica coffee beans carefully hand roasted and fresh packed here at source in Uganda, in the heart of Africa.

You will find our coffee being served in all types of business from your favourite coffee bar to some of the worlds top hotels and restaurants. We work with care and a passion for coffee so that our customers can enjoy the best coffee either in or out of home. Enjoy great tasting coffee and help Mountain Gorilla Conservation.

Big Gorilla prides itself on connecting quality, consistent coffee, with drinkers who are serious about consuming it.

At the heart of it all, are the coffee beans which hail from the place we are proud to call home – Uganda.

We have a close-knit relationship with our partners on farms at the coffee origin, who work hard to cultivate only the highest quality, most flavourful coffee beans. Through internal company schemes and initiatives, we emphasise farmer education on themes such as red coffee cherry harvesting, tree rejuvenation techniques and innovative wet processing methods; with the goal of guaranteeing that our coffee beans are at their optimum, but also to stimulate an empowered, skilled coffee farmer.

We don’t believe that sub-standard beans should ever exist, especially not hidden within our coffee blends. We pride ourselves on the fact that we only ever use top grade coffee – something that will never change.

Once the beans make it into our roastery, we spend a lot of time analysing, testing, cupping and roasting. We assess all beans to ensure that every roast meets our standards, and showcases the best of Uganda’s produce, when consumed as your humble cup of coffee.

Special Roast – A lighter roast profile contributes to a brighter, juicier profile and higher acidity. Nonetheless, well balanced and rounded.

Medium Roast – A medium roasted blend with big body and full flavour and a sweet complexity. Deliciously thick, decadent chocolate and nut notes – ideal for those who crave traditional coffee flavours without compromising strength for bitterness.

Rich Roast – This coffee highlights the intense, rich, syrupy body achieved through skill of roasting coffee at a darker intensity; offering an extra kick for those who need it. The caramelised sugars, molasses and dark spice offer a comforting coffee with bold flavour, which offers delicious coffee ‘cut through’ when consumed with milk.